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Raton Pass Camp & Cafe and Campground is conveniently located at the top of Raton Pass on the Santa Fe Trail between the historic towns of Raton, New Mexico and Trinidad, Colorado, making it easy to visit all the great spots in northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado. Below is a list of some of the wonders you'll find here and some of the great things to do while staying at Raton Pass Camp & Cafe and Campground. Many folks came to visit and ended up staying all summer!

We have millions of acres of National Forest, miles and miles of Special Trout Waters and Gold Medal Fishing Waters, 100,000+ acres of state and federal wildlife areas and refuges, and historic and scenic byways with quite a few National Historic Sites and many, many ghost towns to explore. You can even take a hike into the cone of a volcano or walk in the 125-million-year-old footprints of dinosaurs... There's no amusement park or theme park on Earth that can touch what we have to offer! See for yourself, just check out the links listed below:

In no way is this list complete: a complete list would make this page unmanageable! But this is enough to let you know that Raton Pass Camp & Cafe & Campground is in the heart of a natural scenic, historic and recreational wonderland. Once folks visit with us and see what we have to offer, they really do stop and spend the summer here!

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